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European Parliamentary Week 2014


The European Parliamentary Week (EPW) 2014 will take place from 20 to 22 January 2014 at the EP premises in Brussels. It will bring together parliamentarians from all over the European Union to discuss economic, budgetary and social matters. Within its framework it will host the Interparliamentary Conference on Economic Governance. Based on Article 13 of the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance (TSCG) and following the inaugural Conference in Vilnius, in October 2013, this Conference is aimed at further developing the cooperation of the Parliaments of the European Union in relation to matters covered under the TSCG. It is co-organised and co-presided by the Hellenic Parliament and the European Parliament. The EPW will also include plenary sessions relevant to the European Semester Cycles 2013-2014 and interparliamentary committee meetings which will be organised by the EMPL, BUDG and ECON Committees, aiming to have fruitful discussions and exchange of views on the various aspects of the European Semester.


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Overall Agenda, List of Participants, Practical Information 
[pdf] A-Z Practical Information
[pdf] EPW Draft Agenda
[pdf] EPW Projet de Programme
[pdf] EPW Draft List of Participants
[pdf] Addendum List of Participants
ICMs Agendas 
[pdf] BUDG ICM Draft Agenda
[pdf] BUDG ICM Projet de programme
[pdf] ECON ICM Draft Agenda
[pdf] ECON ICM Projet de Programme
[pdf] EMPL ICM Draft Agenda
[pdf] EMPL ICM Projet de Programme
Invitation Letter 
[doc] Invitiation letter EN.doc
[doc] Invitation letter FR.doc
Background Documents 
[pdf] Country Specific Recommendations 2012-2013.pdf
[pdf] BUDG ICM Background note
[pdf] EMPL ICM Background note
[pdf] ECON The European Semester - Main steps at the EU level.pdf
Political groups activities 
[pdf] EPP programme of activities
[pdf] EPP programme des activites (FR)
[pdf] S&D programme of activities.pdf
[pdf] ALDE programme of activities.pdf
[pdf] Greens programme of activities.pdf
Speaches and Presentations 
[pdf] President Van Rompuy.pdf
[pdf] President Barroso.pdf
[pdf] Vice-President Rehn.pdf
[pdf] Vice-President Rehn 2.pdf
[pdf] Commisioner Andor.pdf
[pdf] HP Speaker Meimarakis.pdf
[pdf] Omilia Meimaraki.pdf
[pdf] Mr Padoan.pdf
[ppt] Mr Deffaa.ppt