The Oxford Manifesto The Oxford Manifesto
The Oxford Manifesto

Madariaga, Salvador de

Drawn up at the International Liberal Conference at Wadham College, Oxford, in April, 1947



Salvador de Madariaga (Spanish, born in Coruña, Spain, 23 July 1886, died in Locarno, Switzerland, 14 December 1978) was a diplomat, intellectual and writer. As a convinced pacifist he worked for disarmament in the League of the Nations. He fought against Franco's dictatorship, and in favour of a united and integrated Europe. He was co-author of the liberal Oxford Manifesto and co-founder of the College of Europe. In 1973 he was awarded the Charlemagne prize. The European Parliament's IPE II building in Strasbourg is named in his honour.


The Oxford Manifesto was adopted at the International Liberal Conference in Oxford, in April 1947, by representatives of liberal political parties from 19 countries. Salvador de Madariaga, one of the main authors of the Manifesto, was elected as a member of the provisional executive committee at the conference and later (in 1948) became the first president of the Liberal International. The Manifesto is the founding document for the Liberal International and as such represents basic liberal political ideas and principles.