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Pacific-EU Parliamentary Assembly

The new Partnership Agreement between the EU and the states of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, the ‘Post-Cotonou Agreement’, includes a robust parliamentary dimension.

The text of the new Agreement states that the JPA will be held once every year and provides for three RPAs. The Agreement does not lay down the meeting venues or the meeting frequency of the RPAs. These questions will therefore need to be determined in the Rules of Procedure for each of the four Assemblies.

The drafting of new Rules will consider and discuss a number of issues, including voting procedures, methods for systematic consultation and scrutinising the implementation of the new Agreement, the structure of plenary meetings, standing committees, urgent resolutions, fact-finding missions, etc.

The aim is to make the JPA and the RPAs as effective, engaging and as visible as possible, and to allow swift and efficient work to underpin ACP-EU cooperation. Decisions on meeting venues and frequencies under the future Agreement will also take into account issues such as organisational efficiency and costs.