About the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme

The European Parliament Ambassador School Programme (EPAS) aims at increasing students’ awareness of European parliamentary democracy, the role of the European Parliament and European values.

It also encourages them to actively participate in EU democratic processes. It targets students with diverse educational, social and geographical backgrounds.


Teachers and students are appointed as Senior and Junior Ambassadors by the schools selected to take part in the programme and are put in charge of its implementation. Teachers take care of the educational aspect, mainly organising lessons on European parliamentary democracy. Educators can use the European Parliament interactive educational material that includes general information and facts about the EU, training on democratic skills and participation, class role-play games and quizzes. Teachers and students are asked to carry out activities such as the creation of an EU Info Point, the organisation of Europe Day events or the creation of social media content. They liaise with Members of the European Parliament, other Ambassadors and partners, and engage with their communities.

Accreditation and rewards

At the end of each school year, the activities carried out by schools are evaluated. On the successful completion of the programme, schools are certified as an Ambassador School, while their Senior and Junior Ambassadors receive certificates in ceremonies organised by the local European Parliament Liaison Offices, very often in the presence of Members of the European Parliament, national and local authorities and partners. Teachers and students may also be given the possibility to participate in Euroscola sessions in Strasbourg or other events organised by the European Parliament in the Member States and Brussels or Strasbourg.

Senior ambassadors visit the European Parliament premises in Strasbourg during a seminar for teachers.

The Ambassador Schools Network

With around 1 500 certified European Parliament Ambassador Schools, 3 700 teachers appointed as senior ambassadors and almost 23 000 students as junior ambassadors, the network offers schools a great opportunity to exchange best practices and cooperate in the implementation of the programme. The Ambassador Schools Network is part of a wider community cooperating with the European Parliament, notably via the platform together.eu. The network gives schools the chance to be involved in a wide range of activities organised by the European Parliament, its Liaison Offices and its institutional partners, and to connect with various European, national and local entities and civil society organisations.

Group picture taken at a teachers EPAS seminar in Brussels that gathered senior ambassadors from all over the European Union.

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