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EU Presidency - Temporary exhibitions

Art of Germany

Young and wild and autonomous - Earth Speakr

A two-part exhibition in celebration of the German Presidency where artworks from the European Parliament’s collection meet kids speaking up for the planet

The next stop on the cultural tour which follows the EU Council Presidency takes us to the centre of Europe, to Germany. Almost 40 years after its division into East and West, the country reunified peacefully. The former GDR became part of the Federal Republic and thus part of the then European Community. This year, 3 October marked the 30th anniversary of German reunification.

This time the exhibition combines two concepts, both related to the younger generation, but in different political eras and realities. The European Parliament’s Art Collection contributes a retrospective view on a young and often politically and socially engaged generation of artists, ‘Die Jungen Wilden’. The vita of several selected artists and dedicated artworks mirror the impact the Wall had on people’s lives and identity. The words young and wild and autonomous reflect the mood of a new beginning which was prevalent in the period immediately prior to reunification, and they should prompt us to reconsider the social significance of art, in particular in the context of recent German history.

The other part of this exhibition, a project created by Olafur Eliasson specifically for this Council Presidency, invites today’s young generation to share their messages for Europe. The art project ‘Earth Speakr’ commissioned by the German Federal Office and realised in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut gives an innovative impetus to our commitment to encourage a European spirit for our future.

The exhibition, organized and coordinated by DG COMM’s Civil Society Outreach Unit, is running from September 2020 until the end of December 2020 in the European Parliament on the 3rd floor of the Spinelli building, zone G. Even if you cannot enter and see the original exhibition, which is also even more difficult in times of Covid-19 and teleworking, you can take this online presentation to discover the messages of Europe’s youngest generation and to get an insight into Germany’s art scene that includes ground-breaking, internationally renowned artists.

Enjoy and be inspired!