Be heard 

The European Parliament is here to represent people, so your opinions and concerns matter to us. There are many ways to make yourself heard - from taking part in European elections to signing a citizen’s initiative or submitting a complaint to the European Ombudsman. Find out more in the following sections.



The elections are the main way to directly influence European politics. All EU citizens have the right to vote and choose their representatives at European level. Find out all the essentials about the process.



Every EU citizen or EU-based organisation has the right to submit a complaint or a request to the European Parliament on matters related to the EU. Learn more.


European Ombudsman

If you feel mistreated by EU institutions, you can get in touch with the European Ombudsman. The Ombudsman investigates complaints and seeks to find amiable solutions to disputes.


Coordinator on children's rights

Seeking help on resolving problems with your former spouse or partner about the future of your children? Guided by the best interest of the child, the Parliament’s Coordinator is there to look for solutions to parental abduction.



The European Parliament regularly commissions surveys to find out people’s views on specific topics or EU affairs in general. Find out the results from these surveys.


Citizen’s initiative

Citizens can put forward ideas for new EU legislation. EU institutions need to consider the initiatives that gather at least a million signatures from across the EU. Find out the details in our infographic.


Religious and non-confessional dialogue

The European Parliament is committed to holding regular talks with religious and non-confessional organisations to take account of their views on social and ethical aspects of EU policies.



Parliament does not only seek feedback from people, but is also willing to promote their good work. Every year it awards four prizes distinguishing achievements in human rights, cinema, youth projects and citizenship.



Parliament can lend its moral support to events it considers important. Find out about the procedure and how you can request patronage.