Protecting and promoting the rights of the child 

The Coordinator actively promotes children’s rights in EU policies and legislation and supports the Parliament in its work to ensure the rights of the child are given all due consideration, in close collaboration with MEPs, the relevant parliamentary committees and parliamentary delegations.

The Coordinator is also a focus point for children’s rights with institutions and organisations involved in EU policy and children rights, as well as with civil society.

Please note that the Coordinator cannot assist or advise on individual cases relating to children’s rights that are governed by national rules and fall under the competences of national authorities.

If you have a question or require advice or assistance in such case, please contact your national Ombudsperson for Children or the relevant national responsible authority.

  • It is incumbent upon the European Parliament to ensure that its legislative and non-legislative work respects, promotes and safeguards the rights of the child both within the EU and in its relations with the outside world.

    The re-naming of the European Parliament Mediator on Parental Child Abduction to the broader European Parliament Coordinator on Children’s Rights and the establishment of a permanent office within the institution indicates Parliament’s long-term commitment to the recognition and protection of the rights of children.