Cross-border family disputes - for professionals 

The Coordinator advocates closer cooperation and mutual trust between EU countries in the field of cross-border family law and seeks to promote the amicable resolution when cross-border family dispute occurs, including the use of mediation.

The Coordinator believes that access to expert advice and assistance is crucial for those involved in such cases, and is therefore actively engaging with experts to encourage the development of EU networks of specialists.

  • Cross-border disputes in family matters continue to rise in the EU as the number of international families increase. When disputes arise between international couples, the difference in legal traditions and national rules can become an overwhelming challenge. This can also be exacerbated by other challenges such as culture, language and financial barriers.

    To limit the impact to children and families affected by such disputes, and to ensure a swift and good solution is found in the best interests of the child, the Coordinator encourages all professionals involved in this area to invest in dialogue and closer cooperation, within the EU and with non-EU countries.

    The Coordinator continues to support this cooperation through involvement in various networks, facilitation of dialogue within the European Parliament and contribution to seminars and conferences in EU countries.