The EP and the expectations of European citizens 

Emotions and Political Engagement Towards the EU 

The European Parliament commissioned this survey in the run-up to the 2019 European parliamentary elections. Conducted a few weeks before the ballot, it provides insights into how EU citizens feel about the EU, what their attitude is towards unity within the EU and how they engage with politics.

When asked about what feeling first comes to mind when they think of the EU, over a half of respondents have positive feelings about the EU: 28% say they feel hope, while almost the same proportion of respondents say they feel confidence (27%). At the same time, a third of those surveyed (33%) say they have doubts when they think of the EU.

Equally positive as the large degree of hope and confidence is the large majority of respondents thinking that what brings European citizens together is more important than what separates them (80%).

Regarding the political engagement over the past four weeks, eight in ten respondents (81%) say they have discussed politics with family, friends or acquaintances at least once. Over seven in ten respondents (72%) have watched a programme about politics on television. Reading something about politics on news websites is something nearly two thirds of respondents say they have done and just a bit less say they have read an article about politics in the newspapers or magazines.

A majority of respondents (57%) have read something about politics on online social networks and over half of those surveyed (51%) say they have not listened to a programme about politics on the radio.