Report on the developments in the political landscape 

The Public Opinion Monitoring Unit is constantly following the evolution of national political context in all EU Member States. In the light of the upcoming European elections in May 2019, it is important to have both an overview on the state of the political landscape across the EU, and a clear picture on the political affiliation of national political parties in the framework of the European Parliament and the European political parties.

The present publication offers a comprehensive overview of publicly available national and European national voting intention polls. The first entry in each timeline refers to the starting point of this exercise in February 2018.

For any given country, when several polling surveys are available during the observation period, their data are recalculated into one (mathematically) averaged result per party, without applying any weighting or other algorithmic treatment. In the case of multiple surveys available,  separate tables inform on the different surveys’ detailed results. The averaged data is used to present the development per political party in a trend line in comparison to the averaged results of the preceding months.

In cases where only a single polling survey was available, the trend line graph would specify this and the data used would be the exact results from this survey.

For countries where dedicated voting intention surveys for the European elections 2019 are available also the EE19 poll is referenced.

None of the voting intention polls used in this document have been commissioned or conducted by the European Parliament. They are always publicly available polls, published by identified and reliable polling institutes in each Member State. The polls are collected by Kantar, the Public Opinion Monitoring Unit and Parliament's Liaison Offices in the Member States. While taking utmost care to establish a comprehensive, reliable and non-biased selection of voting intention polls for each country, the process might not always be fully exhaustive.

This collection will be updated and published on monthly basis.