Patronage is a way for Parliament to associate itself with an event by providing its moral support. A limited number of events will be granted such patronage every year.

To what kind of event does Parliament lend its patronage?

Events such as conferences, debates, seminars, summer schools, awards, competitions, festivals, etc. may receive Parliament’s patronage, provided they meet the following conditions:

  • they must have a clear European dimension
  • the date(s) and place must be confirmed;
  • they must be of limited duration;
  • they must be non-profit events.

Particular attention is paid to the extent to which the event highlights Parliament’s or the European Union’s role in the field concerned.

Special attention is also given to events organised by, or aimed at, young people or relating to disadvantaged social groups.

Patronage does not place Parliament under any financial obligation, nor does it confer a right to use Parliament’s facilities. For further information on the conditions for patronage please refer to the rules below.

How to apply for patronage 

Time limits

Your request should be submitted at least two months in advance of the planned event.

A reply will be sent by post or email.

Electronically via the online application form

Requests for patronage should be sent to the President of the European Parliament:

By post or email

Your request should be submitted at least two months in advance of the planned event.

By post:

President of the European Parliament

Rue Wiertz 60
1047 Bruxelles

By email:

Applications must include the following information:

  • a detailed description of the event;
  • a detailed programme including confirmed dates;
  • any other information you may consider relevant.

Applications must be written in an official language of the European Union.

Once patronage has been granted

Beneficiaries must clearly mention Parliament’s support in their communications and publicity concerning the event, by stating that the event is ‘under the patronage of the European Parliament’ and by using Parliament’s logo. Events benefitting from patronage taking place during the 12 months before the European election shall include in the communication material a reference to the European election and its date. Relevant visual elements shall be included, in accordance with Parliament's graphics guidelines. Communications concerning the event, including web content, should clearly distinguish Parliament’s role as an institutional partner providing moral support from any providers of financial support. Use of Parliament’s logo is subject to a number of conditions (see below).

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Liaison offices in the Members States

The European Parliament has a liaison office in every Member State. Their role is to raise awareness of the European Parliament and the European Union and to encourage people to vote in European parliamentary elections.

The Transparency Register

The European Parliament recommends to all organisations engaged in activities covered by the Interinstitutional Agreement on the Transparency Register to register in the Transparency Register.