Media channels covering parliaments

In most EU countries, TV and internet channels emit programmes covering parliamentary activities. Some channels only cover news and activities of their own national parliament, while others, thanks to a fruitful collaboration established for years, relay activities and debates the European Parliament carries out.

Some channels are produced by their national parliament and are, therefore, strictly parliamentary. Others are produced by national broadcasters and cover parliamentary activities as part of their programmes.


The Irish parliamentary channel is called Oireachtas TV and is ariing on free TV.

Oireachtas TV

The Oireachtas TV channel relays the business of Ireland's national parliament to all homes across Ireland.

The channel delivers public access to the work of the Dáil (House of representatives), Seanad (the Senate) and parliamentary Committees. In extraordinary cases they cover the European Parliament.


Parliament TV is a terrestrial television network in Malta that broadcasts the proceedings of the Parliament of Malta.

Parliament TV

Parliament TV can be viewed on the following channels:

  • Free to AirUHF 43
  • GO108
  • Melita109

It was established in 2015 following the relocation of Parliament to the new parliament building in Valletta.


    Other parliamentary TV and internet channels

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    The European Parliament and the National Parliaments

    The Treaty of Lisbon set out for the first time the role of national parliaments within the European Union.

    Learn more about the interparliamentary cooperation between the European and the national Parliaments.