Study visits 

The European Parliament offers two types of Study Visits: Study Visits in the Secretariat of the European Parliament and Study Visits with Members of the European Parliament.

Study visits in the Secretariat

These visits are designed to provide citizens, from all nationalities, aged 18 or over, with opportunities for more detailed study of specific subjects relating to European integration. The possibility to carry out research in the European Parliament's library or historical archives is also offered.

The maximum duration of a study visit is two months. Anyone who has already completed a study visit, traineeship or employment contract at the European Parliament must wait six months before applying. Similarly, a candidate who has completed a study visit must wait six months before applying for a traineeship.

Applications for a study visit should be made to at least one month before the intended start day of the visit, by sending the following documents:

  1. a personal statement containing detailed information about the specific subject relating to European integration the candidate would like to study during the visit, the means he/she would like to use (consultation of documents in the Institution's libraries or archives or contacts with specialist officials) and the specific dates during which he/she would like to undertake the study visit. The candidate should also indicate exactly in which DG and directorate he/she would like to have a study visit. The organigram of the Secretariat of the European Parliament can be consulted via the following link: organisation.
  2. a curriculum vitae (with a postal address, for administrative purposes).
  3. a copy of your valid identity card or passport.
  4. a criminal record certificate or, subject to prior agreement of the competent authority, a reference letter issued by an educational institution or an employer, attesting his/her good behaviour referring to the period of studies or employment carried out by the candidate during the last twelve months preceding the submission of the application.

Once it has been checked that the relevant European Parliament departments or bodies can accommodate the study visitor, he/she will be informed whether his/her application has been successful.

In accordance with the rules in force, the European Parliament will not meet costs of any nature incurred by study visitors.


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Study visits with Members of the European Parliament

Members may offer opportunities for a detailed study of subjects relating to the European Union by spending a period in the Member’s Parliament office in Brussels or in Strasbourg (the place of assignment can be Strasbourg for Members using their offices there on a permanent basis). The maximum duration of a study visit is six weeks and study visitors are also entitled to be sent on mission to another place of work of the European Parliament (Brussels or Strasbourg).

In order to apply for a study visit with a Member of the European Parliament, please apply directly to your desired Member. You can find a list of Members of the European Parliament and their contact details here.

Study visitors with Members must fulfil the following conditions:

  • have a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union;
  • not be party to an employment contract or any working contractual relationship during their study visit;
  • not have previously served as a parliamentary assistant to a Member; and
  • if they are not EU citizens, meet the residence and employment requirements of the host Member State prior to their entry into the country to which they have been assigned, and for the entire duration of the study visit.

Each study visitor with a Member will be requested to submit:

  • a scanned copy of a valid passport or national ID card;
  • an updated curriculum vitæ; and
  • a personal statement indicating the Member with whom they desire to gain their work experience with as well as the objective and desired period of the visit.

Participants in study visits shall not receive any allowance of any kind. Upon request of the Member concerned, study visitors may be granted a once-off financial compensation proportional to the duration of the visit. The total amount of compensation for the maximum period shall not exceed EUR 1510.


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