Work for the EU - Why the European Parliament? 

We are a multinational, multilingual and multicultural organisation, with staff from all over Europe. By joining the European Parliament, you can look forward to interesting and varied job opportunities in a unique organisation and work environment at the heart of the EU.

  • To support the core business of providing Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and citizens with the best possible services, Parliament is increasingly focused on project work and innovation. As a dynamic organisation, we continue to seek new and better ways to work.

    Most teams work on a day-to-day basis in one or two main languages, but Parliament champions multilingualism in its political work, and staff have opportunities to learn other EU languages.

    Parliament staff work in modern buildings supported by infrastructure adapted to different ways of working and with excellent, in-house facilities such as sports centres.


How to apply

Parliament employs about 8,000 officials and other staff members across Europe. Read how you can become an EU official or be recruited in another capacity.