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Press releases related to the Committee's work can be found in the "Press releases" section under the "Home" menu of the Committee's webpage. Additional press releases are listed below.

Maria Arena condemns the abhorrent execution of Iranian journalist Ruhollah Zam

Cuba: Maria Arena concerned by the situation facing the San Isidro movement

MEPs call on Iran to immediately release Nasrin Sotoudeh from prison

Guinée : La Présidente de DROI appelle à la fin des violences et au dialogue

Atrocities in Belarus: Members demand an end to impunity for regime crimes

The situation of journalist and cartoonist Ahmed Kabir Kishore in Bangladesh

“The need to actively fight racism is becoming more acute”

Maria Arena calls on the Indian government to meet its human rights commitments

Déclaration de Marie Arena sur la condamnation du journaliste Khaled Drareni

Belarus: civil society urges the EU to show strong support for the protests

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