Диалог по въпросите на паричната политика

Monetary Dialogue - 6 February 2020


    Transcript of the monetary dialogue with ECB President (multilingual version)
    Executive summaries of the papers

Topic 1 - Financial Stability in the Euro Area: Assessment of Risks and Policy Options

      Compilation of papers
      From Climate Change to Cyber-attacks: Incipient Financial Stability Risks for the Euro Area - Zsolt DARVAS, Marta DOMÍNGUEZ-JIMÉNEZ and Guntram B. WOLFF (Bruegel)
      Financial Risks in Europe: The End of the Beginning - Christopher A. HARTWELL (CASE)
      Financial Stability in the Euro Area - Salomon FIEDLER and Klaus-Jürgen GERN (Kiel Institute for the World Economy)
      Financial Stability Risks and Policy Options - Christophe BLOT, Jérôme CREEL and Paul HUBERT (Sciences Po – OFCE)

Topic 2 - Walking the Thin Line: Central Bank Communication

      Compilation of papers
      Reaching a Wider Audience: Is the ECB Trending? - Daniel GROS and Angela CAPOLONGO (CEPS)
      The ECB’s Communication Strategy: Limits and Challenges After the Financial Crisis - Kerstin BERNOTH and Geraldine DANY-KNEDLIK (DIW Berlin)
      Communication During Unconventional Times: The ECB’s Approach - Eddie GERBA (London School of Economics and Political Science) and Corrado MACCHIARELLI (National Institute of Economic and Social Research)