CONT fact-finding mission to the Czech Republic (26-28 February 2020)

16-03-2020 - 16:16
MEP Moinka Hohlmeier
MEP Moinka Hohlmeier on fighting cyber attacks © European Union 2013 - European Parliament

A delegation of six CONT Members, led by committee chair Monika Hohlmeier (EPP, DE) participated in a fact-finding mission to Prague to look into the mechanisms established by the Czech authorities to comply with the obligation to prevent and remedy conflict of interests.

In follow-up to reports on possible irregularities in the compliance with the EU law in how the EU cohesion and agricultural funds are managed in the Czech Republic, Members of CONT Committee wanted to gain on-the-spot knowledge about the management and distribution of these EU funds and directly speak with stakeholders in the country.
They met representatives from the Czech government and the Czech Parliament, the paying agency and the Supreme Audit Authority as well as farmers and NGOs. They also held a roundtable with journalists and visited a successful project supported by cohesion funds.