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Creative Europe

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The Creative Europe programme promotes European cultural and artistic value, and provides support to small to medium sized enterprises, non-profit organisations and public bodies of the cultural and creative sectors. It helps artists and creators to grow their ideas and share them at a European level. It encourages sustainable growth and jobs, and gives creative organisations access to international opportunities, markets and audiences.

In response to the Commission's initial proposal on the Creative Europe programme, the Parliament requests the doubling the budget of the previous programme, aiming to support cultural and linguistic diversity by aiding European works from a variety of creative sectors with increased cross-border cooperation between cultural organisations. Through this, the programme aims to strengthen the international dimension of European culture and improve the competitiveness of European cultural and creative sectors. Moreover, the Parliament pinpointed the need to reintroduce the idea of European Added Value as essential in emphasising the sense of belonging that culture brings to the citizens of Europe. For the next programme generation there are many objectives aimed at expanding the original scope of Creative Europe.