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Next CULT Committee meeting: 19 November 2020 (tbc)

29-10-2020 - 09:26

In the context of the exponential growth of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the President of the European Parliament has announced a number of measures to contain the spread of epidemic and to safeguard Parliament's core activities.

The current precautionary measures adopted by the European Parliament to contain the spread of COVID-19 do not affect work on legislative priorities. Core activities are reduced, but maintained to ensure that the institution's legislative, budgetary, scrutiny functions are maintained.

The meetings will be with remote participation for Members (being able to view and listen to proceedings, ask for the floor and intervene in the meeting). Other participants are invited to follow the meeting through webstreaming.

Following these decisions, the next CULT Committee meeting with remote participation will take place on Thursday 19 November (tbc).

Time: tbc

Meeting room: tbc

The meeting will be webstreamed.

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CULT Exchange of views with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel
28-10-2020 - 15:02

On 27 October 2020 Commissioner Gabriel connected remotely to the CULT meeting to present the “New Bauhaus” initiative, recently announced by Commissioner President Ursula Von der Leyen during the State of the Union speech. The Commissioner explained that the initiative will contribute to fighting climate change through an innovative exchange of science and technology with art and culture.

Image with thumbs, one pointing up and one pointing down - symbolising votes
28-10-2020 - 14:57

On 26 and 27 October the CULT Members adopted the following dossiers: 1. Legislative report on European Capitals of Culture - 2020/0179(COD) 2. INI report on the European Year of Cultural Heritage - 2019/2194(INI) 3. INI opinion on EU Strategy for Sustainable Tourism - 2020/2038(INI) 4. INI opinion on Strong social Europe for Just Transition - 2020/2084(INI) 5. INL opinion on Quality traineeships in the EU - 2020/2005(INL)

Diversity & Equality
13-10-2020 - 10:23

The European Parliament will hold a public hearing on the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) entitled ‘Minority Safepack – one million signatures for diversity in Europe’, on 15 October 2020. Having gathered the support of 1,123,422 signatories in 28 Member States, the organisers of the ECI will have the opportunity to present their initiative in the presence of the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights and the Committee of the Regions.


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