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Although the Parliament's powers are mostly of a consultative nature in the competition field (cf. Art. 103 and 109 TFEU), it is very high on the ECON Committee's political agenda, particularly through the publication of annual own initiative reports. The Committee also exercises scrutiny powers in this area, notably via the structured dialogue with the Commissioner in charge of Competition two times a year.

Competition Working Group

The ECON Committee set up the Competition Working Group (CWG) in September 2014 and decided to continue its work during the 9th term of the Parliament (2019-2024). The CWG, composed of 12 ECON Members, holds discussions and exchanges of views with experts during workshops on issues related to antitrust measures, merger control and the compatibility of state aid with EU competition law. Exchanges of views are also held with authors of commissioned studies. Included amongst those who have attended meetings of the CWG are the Commissioner responsible for Competition, the Director General of the Commission's DG COMP, as well representatives of international fora such as the OECD.