Udvalget om Beskæftigelse og Sociale Anliggender

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Valget til Europa-Parlamentet i 2024 – den 6.-9. juni 2024

22-05-2024 - 15:51

Borgerne i EU's medlemsstater vælger deres repræsentanter til Europa-Parlamentet ved valget til Europa-Parlamentet den 6.-9. juni. De nyvalgte medlemmer, der repræsenterer EU-borgerne frem til 2029, mødes i juli for at vælge deres formand, næstformænd og kvæstorer. De vil beslutte, hvordan sammensætningen skal være i Parlamentets stående udvalg og underudvalg - og dermed igangsætte den nye valgperiode. Udvalgene afholder derefter deres første møder for at vælge deres respektive formænd og næstformænd.

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24-04-2024 - 10:23

The main aim of the conference was to prepare the future social agenda for 2024-2029 and to reconfirm the European Pillar of Social Rights as the main compass for policy-making in the domains of employment and social affairs. The conference concluded with the signing of the Interinstitutional La Hulpe Declaration signed by the Presidents of the European Commission, of the European Parliament, of the Belgian Presidency of the Council, of social partner and civil society organisations.

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19-04-2024 - 16:39

The EMPL Committee will hold the closing session of the Working Group on the European Child Guarantee this Wednesday 24 April in Strasbourg. The main mission of the Working Group has been to scrutinise and monitor the implementation of the European Child Guarantee. It has been also instrumental in monitoring the adequacy and sufficiency of its funding and has mobilised EU political support to speed up its efficient implementation.

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19-04-2024 - 15:03

This third and last meeting of the CRPD Network will take place on 23 April 2024. It consists of a stocktaking end-of-term exercise together with Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli and the Belgian Minister Karine Lalieux, as well as a forward looking for actions to advance rights of persons with disability in the next years, together with the Hungarian Presidency and the EDF. EP CRPD Network members and rapporteurs of important files will give a view on their work during this mandate.

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