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Any additional press releases can be found in the "Press room" menu of the Committee's webpage.

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In a vote on Tuesday, MEPs of the Social Affairs and Employment committee have reiterated the importance of the social dimension in this year’s Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy.

A high-profile panel on Monday warned of the economic difficulties stemming from the pandemic, whilst noting that this crisis could offer the chance to rebuild EU economies.

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs appointed two lead MEPs to prepare its position on the directive on adequate minimum wages in the European Union.

In a resolution adopted today on the European Skills Agenda, MEPs call for significant investments to close the digital skills gap.

To fight inequality and in-work poverty, MEPs call for a minimum wage, equal labour conditions for platform workers and a better work-life balance.

On Thursday, Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement on the EU Social Fund+ that contributes to social inclusion, job opportunities and fighting poverty.

Members of the Employment and Social Affairs committee agreed on a report on the participation of persons with disabilities on the labour market.

The Social Affairs and the Civil Liberties committees will discuss on Thursday the consequences from the COVID-19 crisis for people living in residential institutions.

MEPs call on the EU to recognise access to decent and affordable housing as an enforceable human right and to push for measures to eradicate homelessness.

Europa-Parlamentet opfordrer til, at der indføres en EU-lov, som giver arbejdstagere ret til at logge af arbejdsnetværket, uden at det får negative følger.