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18-02-2020 14:30
Gender aspect of trafficking in human beings - Workshop

Altiero Spinelli (3E-2)
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Trafficking in human beings (THB) is a serious crime affecting fundamental rights, health, social life, economy and justice. THB knows no boundaries and most reported victims are female.

The experts of the workshop were Prof. Sylvia Walby OBE, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Violence and Society Centre at University of London City; Ms Suze Hageman, researcher at Dutch National Rapporteur on THB and Sexual Violence against Children; and Dr Lucrecia Rubio Grundell, researcher at European University Institute all of who presented their findings and discussed with Members.

The co-rapporteurs of the upcoming implementation report on the Directive on preventing and combatting trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims, Ms Maria Soraya Rodrigues Ramos (FEMM) and Mr Juan Fernando López Aguilar (LIBE), gave the opening statements.