Ein Ausschuss ist berechtigt, eine Anhörung mit Sachverständigen zu veranstalten, wenn dies für seine Arbeit zu einem bestimmten Thema als unerlässlich erachtet wird. Anhörungen können auch von mehreren Ausschüssen gemeinsam abgehalten werden. Die meisten Ausschüsse organisieren regelmäßig Anhörungen, da sie es ihnen ermöglichen, sich zu wichtigen Themen von Sachverständigen beraten zu lassen und diese zu erörtern. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie alle verfügbaren Informationen zu den Anhörungen in den Ausschüssen einschließlich Programme, Aushänge und Redebeiträge.

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The aim of this final ANIT hearing was to share examples of best practices in transport operations, scientific developments and technical innovations to improve animal welfare in transports. Various experts and representatives from civil society, as well as from the agricultural and transport sectors, were invited to share their insights and recommendations for improvements in animal transport. The presentations were followed by an exchange of views with Members.

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On 6 September ANIT organised a public hearing on "Alternatives to long-distance live animal transport and farmers' experience of the shift to alternatives". It provided Members with an overview of and insights into alternatives to long-distance animal transport, such as on-farm slaughter, mobile slaughter, meat-and-carcass transport, as well the transport of genetic material.

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On 15 July ANIT organisesd a hearing on "Experiences of strengthening and changing legislation, within and outside of Europe", which looked at precedents of changing legislation within and outside the EU. A central part of the hearing was the perspective of stakeholders such as farmers and transporters, who have been impacted by and have adapted to these changes. Six experts had been invited and their presentations were followed by an exchange of views with Members.

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On 31 May ANIT organised a hearing on Transport of species (poultry, rabbits) inadequately covered by Regulation 1/2005, and remaining vulnerable categories of animals (gestating, end-of-production animals). Certain species do not have clear or specific provisions on their welfare within Regulation 1/2005, despite the fact that they are covered by its scope.

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This public hearing focused on enforcement of Regulation 01/2005 from the perspective of private stakeholders such as transport operators and other actors. It provided insights on the challenges faced by the stakeholders as well as common cases of non-compliance with Regulation 01/2005. It was also an opportunity to showcase best practices in the sector of transport of live animals. 5 experts had been invited and the presentations were followed by an exchange of views with Members.

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On 1 March the ANIT Committee organised a public hearing on the transport of live animals to third countries. The considered aspects were purpose of transport, journey planning, checks at the place of departure and exit points, border inspection posts, possible delays at borders and ports, control posts in third countries, animal welfare in transit and final destination countries and enforcement of Court of Justice judgment in Case C-424/practices.

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Minister Maria do Céu Antunes presented the priorities of the Portuguese Presidency regarding animal welfare during transport. The Minister confirmed that animal welfare, including in transport is now becoming an EU priority. With a global objective of having transported fewer live animals, the minister hopes to get an agreement on animal welfare labeling by December and is pushing for a revision of the 1/2005 regulation. The presentation was followed by an exchange of views with ANIT Members.

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On 25 February ANIT organised a public hearing to tackle the specific characteristics and challenges of implementation of Regulation 01/2005 in relation to long-distance transport of live animals within the European Union. The hearing provided ANIT members with an overview of the duties and obligations of Member States’ competent authorities and the most commonly reported issues as well as best practices.

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The overall aim of this ANIT hearing was to provide Members with an overview of technical and administrative procedures related to implementation and enforcement of Regulation 01/2005. Particular considered aspects to be included approval of journey logs, approval of vehicles, procedures to licence companies, mechanism for inspections and controls, the use of the TRACES system in practice, training of veterinaries as well as customs and police officers. 5 experts had been invited.

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ANIT organised a public hearing on the protection of animals during transport and related operations to get a comprehensive overview of the enforcement of Regulation 01/2005 to tackle the different responsibilities of the Member States and the Commission.