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Lessons from a public health crisis: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer care

10-05-2021 - 16:59
Doctor speaking with a female cancer patient Doctor speaking with a female cancer patient
The COVID-19 pandemic has severe consequences for cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment © Image used under the license from Adobe Stock
Cancer care can't wait:
The report with the results of the Beating Cancer Committee's survey on the Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer prevention, health services, cancer patients and research is now available!
Click on the link below to access the full report.

The public consultation was developed to draw lessons from the current COVID-19 pandemic and was designed to gain insight and recommendations on questions focusing on:

  • Addressing immediate and current impacts of the pandemic on cancer care in the EU.
  • Rebuilding cancer services in Europe after the present period of health crisis has passed.
  • Long-term role and means of EU cooperation in health and cancer care after COVID-19
BECA MEPs discussed the findings and recommendations of the survey on 10 May 2021 with the European Cancer Organisation (E.C.O.), the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the European Public Health Association (EUPHA). More information in the below links.

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Gavel and stethoscope, books on the left hand site
12-05-2021 - 11:27

What is the legal base for the adoption of EU law and policies for the fight against cancer? That is the guiding question in the background note prepared ahead of the BECA exchange of views with the legal services of the European Parliament and the European Commission on 10 May 2021. The background note is available in English, French and Polish. Please click on the links below to access the documents.

EU map and Euro sign on the EU flag
11-05-2021 - 13:22

On Monday 10 May 2021, the Members of the Beating Cancer Committee discussed the financing of Europe's Beating Cancer Plan during an exchange of views with the Council and the European Commission. They also examined the Union's legislative competences in policies for fighting cancer together with the legal services of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Doctor taking care of a cancer patient
05-05-2021 - 14:56

BECA MEPs will discuss the results of the public consultation on the "Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer prevention, health services, cancer patients and research" on Monday 10 May from 11.15 - 12.00.

Doctor working on laptop computer with report analysis and money about Healthcare costs and fees in medical hospital office. Focus stethoscope on table. Healthcare budget and business concept
04-05-2021 - 16:27

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (EBCP) will use a whole range of EU funding instruments with a total of €4 billion earmarked for actions addressing cancer, including from the EU4Health programme, Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe programme. BECA MEPs will discuss the EBCP funding with the European Commission during its meeting on 10 May 2021 from 09.00 -10.30

Hundreds of people forming a cancer ribbon on a white background
27-04-2021 - 12:30

During a hearing on 15 April, the Beating Cancer Committee explored how the EU could further promote and facilitate cooperation and the sharing of knowledge, expertise and data on cancer research and care, for instance through the European Reference Networks and cancer registries, but also by improving the cross-border healthcare directive.

Global network and data exchange over Europe ©AdobeStock/Sdecoret
22-04-2021 - 14:22

Sharing is Caring and Cooperation is Strength: Although public health is the competence of the Member States and EU actions are complementary to national policies, sharing knowledge and pooling expertise in the field of cancer treatment, research and training is the EU's strength. This BECA Background notes gives a comprehensive overview of EU actions, systems and networks through which health data and knowledge is being shared, as well as their opportunities and challenges.

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