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Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee wants the European Semester to be focused on economic and fiscal policies and new dimensions such as recovery, digitalisation and green growth.

Four years after Parliament adopted its position on draft legislation on public country-by-country reporting, EU governments come to the table to negotiate a deal.

Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs agreed that the euro must reach its global potential to boost the EU’s influence, financial autonomy and attract more companies and investors.

Meeting with Commissioners Dombrovskis and Gentiloni, MEPs of the economic and monetary affairs committee strongly pressed for keeping the debt rules on hold for the foreseeable future.

Internal Market and Economic Affairs Committees discussed the legislative proposals to better protect consumers and create fairer platform economy with Executive Vice-President Vestager.

Economic and Monetary Affairs MEPs discussed whether EU financial markets rules can protect retail investors from gamification of investing and the increased role of social media.

A high-profile panel on Monday warned of the economic difficulties stemming from the pandemic, whilst noting that this crisis could offer the chance to rebuild EU economies.

Presidents Sassoli and von der Leyen and Prime Minister Costa will hold a joint press conference on the RRF at 10.25 CET Friday.

On Thursday the Plenary held the final vote on provisions that help EU companies to access a diverse range of funding and support the post-COVID-19 recovery.

Die Abgeordneten fordern die Europäische Zentralbank auf, andere politische Maßnahmen als die derzeitigen einzusetzen, um die EU-Wirtschaft anzukurbeln, deren Aussichten sich verdüstern.