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03-12-2020 - 10:47

In the context of the exponential growth of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the President of the European Parliament has announced a number of measures to contain the spread of epidemic and to safeguard Parliament's core activities.

The current precautionary measures adopted by the European Parliament to contain the spread of COVID-19 do not affect work on legislative priorities. Core activities are reduced, but maintained to ensure that the institution's legislative, budgetary, scrutiny functions are maintained.

The meetings will be with remote participation for Members (being able to view and listen to proceedings, ask for the floor and intervene in the meeting). Other participants are invited to follow the meeting through webstreaming.

Following these decisions, the next remote IMCO Committee Meeting will take place on 11 January 2021 from 13:45 - 15:45 and 16:45 - 18:45 in Brussel.

Von besonderem Interesse

04-12-2020 - 09:43

Due to change of date of the publication of the Commissions DSA/DSM proposal, the extraordinary Committee meeting with Commissioner Thierry Breton will not take place. The presentation of the proposal will take place at one of the upcoming Committee meetings.

3d man finalizing European Union flag puzzle
02-12-2020 - 22:25

On 2 December, IMCO voted on the draft report on "Strengthening the Single Market: the future of free movement of services". The report underlines the need to ensure implementation of the single market rules for services and to improve the enforcement action of the European Commission.

Data exchange and global network over the world 3D rendering elements
02-12-2020 - 22:22

The IMCO committee considered the amendments and possible compromise amendments to the opinion (Rule 57 RoP) to the ITRE strategic INI Report on a European strategy for data, rapporteur for the opinion Ms Schaldemose (S&D).

Photo by European Defence Agency
02-12-2020 - 22:20

On 2 December, IMCO considered amendments tabled to the draft report by Kris Peeters (EPP) on the implementation of the ‘Defence Procurement Directive’ and the ‘Transfers Directive’ in Member States.

Silhouettes of workmen on industrial construction site.
02-12-2020 - 22:20

On 2 December, the IMCO Committee considered the compromise amendments to Mr. Christian Doleschal’s (EPP) draft report on “Implementation of Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products”

Commissioner-designate Didier Reynders
20-11-2020 - 13:31

On 19 November, the Commissioner for Justice and Consumers, Didier Reynders presentED to the IMCO Committee the new Consumer Agenda, the Commission’s new consumer policy strategy.

6 pictures: groceries on a wooden table, man in supermarket, group of people working in a laboratory, mint plant, cows inside a farm, man in a greenhouse plantation
10-11-2020 - 15:52

On 9 November, IMCO adopted its opinion, under Rule 57, to the ENVI own-initiative report on a “New Circular Economy Action Plan” (IMCO Rapporteur for the opinion: Ms Anna Cavazzini, Greens/EFA).

EU map and Euro sign on the EU flag
10-11-2020 - 15:51

MCO unanimously adopted the draft opinion to ECON on the EU Recovery prospectus (Rapporteur for the opinion: Ms Virginie Joron, ID) with 44 in favour, none against and no abstentions.


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