Sonderausschuss zu Einflussnahme aus dem Ausland auf alle demokratischen Prozesse in der Europäischen Union, einschließlich Desinformation

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INGE meeting on 10 May

11-05-2021 - 09:59
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The Kremlin's interference in democracies in the EU was the topic when Mikhail Khodorkovsky came to the INGE Committee meeting on Monday 10 May from 13.00 to 14.00. After this discussion, starting at 15.45, the committee discussed how malign actors use online platforms to spread of disinformation, manipulate the debate and harass opponents. First, the INGE Rapporteur Sandra Kalniete presented a working document on the topic. Then, there was a hearing with representatives from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The meeting with Mr Khodorkovsky was held in association with the AFET committee and the EP Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee (D-RU). ITRE and IMCO committees were associated to the meeting with online platform representatives.

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Hearing on AI and the future of democracy
22-04-2021 - 13:07

On 15 April, the AIDA and INGE Special Committees held a hearing on the future of democracy in the digital age and on how to strike the right regulatory balances in our increasingly tech-driven societies. The two panels addressed the challenges the EU is facing in its current trajectory towards the 2030 Digital Decade, such as the impact of AI on democratic and electoral processes, as well as how AI is affecting the notions of active citizenship, political participation, and policy-making.

INGE Committee hearing on
22-04-2021 - 13:06

On 13 April, the INGE Special Committee organised, in association with the IMCO Committee, a hearing on "Interference through advertisement". Along with three experts, the committees raised ads-related topics, such as election interference through advertisements and ad-funded disinformation, monetisation strategy used by disinformation actors, and the specific Google policy related to advertising and possible detection of messages promoting anti-democratic values.

Two rings entangled in each other, one with flag of Canada and the other one with flag of the European Union on it.
22-04-2021 - 13:06

On Tuesday 30 March, INGE and the EP Delegation for relations with Canada held jointly and exchange of views on foreign interference, disinformation and social media and the cooperation between EU and Canada.

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