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Parliament advocated measures to help small and medium enterprises deal with the crisis and the twin challenges of digitalisation and decarbonisation, in a report adopted on Wednesday.

Plans for the EU to deploy digital technologies like AI, supercomputing and data platforms more widely were informally agreed with Council on Monday.

MEPs and the German presidency of the Council reached an agreement on Monday on a 7.9 billion euro envelope in support of common R&D defence projects.

Plans to reinforce Europe’s preparedness and resilience against cyber attacks by creating a pool for innovation and expertise were agreed on Friday between Parliament and Council.

Horizon Europe will help EU’s health system prepare for future pandemics, and industry to decarbonise and innovate, after MEPs and Council came to an informal agreement on Friday.

Eine Änderung des industriepolitischen Ansatzes der EU würde den Unternehmen helfen, die Krise zu bewältigen und sich dem digitalen und ökologischen Wandel zu stellen, so das Parlament.

The special committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age held a debate with the Council Presidency based on the input from a study commissioned by the Bundestag.

Industry, Research and Energy MEPs advocated a shift in the EU approach to industrial policy, to help businesses cope with the crisis and face the digital and environmental transitions.

MEPs deplored on Wednesday the lack of ambition shown by Research ministers, after Council adopted its general approach on the key EU research programme.

Ahead of Tuesday’s European Competitiveness Council, lead MEPs on the European Institute of Technology call on EU Research ministers to safeguard an adequate financing for this Institute.