24-11-2022 09:00
PEGA: Hearing on 'Trade in zero-day vulnerabilities'

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On 24 November 2022 PEGA Committee held a hearing on 'Trade in zero-day vulnerabilities'. This hearing explored the trade in vulnerabilities that often escape the light of day. This trade is part of the foundation for the spyware industry. The hearing in particular covered effects of this trade often taking place in hiding, against untraceable payments and to groups that are linked to cyber criminality.

Programme of the hearings

09.00 Opening remarks by the Chair of the Committee

09.05 - 09.45 Panel:

· Thorsten Schröder, expert in information security and functioning of spyware, CCC (Chaos Computer Club)

· Dr. Max Smeets, Senior Researcher ETH Zurich Center for Security Studies

· Ian Beer, White hat hacker, part of Google's Project Zero team

· Dr. Mailyn Fidler, University of Nebraska

09.45 - 11.55 Discussion: Q&A session based on the principles of catch-the-eye and ping-pong

11:55 Closing remarks by the Chair of the Committee