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Die EU sollte alle Hindernisse beseitigen, die LGBTIQ-Personen bei der Ausübung ihrer Grundrechte entgegenstehen, so die Abgeordneten.

The EU should lift obstacles that LGBTIQ people still face when exercising their basic rights in the Union, say MEPs.

In its report on the rights of persons with disabilities, the Committee on Petitions proposes reforms to promote the rights and dignity of this group of people.

In a joint PETI-TRAN committees’ hearing on Wednesday, MEPs will hear about a new report by the EU Court of Auditors, followed by a panel with industry experts.

The Commission should provide citizens with more information about future vaccine purchases and mandate pharmaceutical companies to be more transparent, say MEPs.

Fair remuneration for farmers who still receive per-hectare payments below the EU average will be discussed by MEPs and experts on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the Committee on Petitions will discuss with representative of other EU institutions and experts how to respond better to people’s concerns raised via citizens’ petitions.

MEPs stress the importance of monitoring the current state of dumped chemicals and their degradation, and developing plans for their clean-up and removal.

On Thursday, MEPs debated a citizens’ initiative to ban the use of cages for farm animals, together with organisers of the initiative, Commissioners and representatives of other EU bodies.

MEPs will debate a citizens’ initiative to ban the use of cages for farm animals , together with experts, Commissioners and representatives of other EU bodies on Thursday.