The labour and social situation of women in the EU – Hearing

Altiero Spinelli; Room 3G-3, Brussels, Belgium
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In the context of the development of measures aimed at reconciling work and family life and following a decade of economic and financial crisis, it is essential to monitor the evolution of the labour and social situation of women in the EU. The hearing will have a double focus, examining two inter-related issues: unemployed young women and the women in precarious sectors who are at risk of poverty.

The experts which will contribute to the discussion are Iga Magda, Assistant Professor, Warsaw School of Economics and Vice-President, Institute of Structural Research; Cristina Rovira Izquierdo, Senior Inequality Programme Advisor, OXFAM Spain; Montserrat Mir, Confederal Secretary, ETUC and Lina Salanauskaite, Researcher/Analyst, EIGE.