09-11-2020 14:30
Public Hearing on "Sexual harassment in the EU institutions”

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The Committee on Gender Equality and Women's Rights (FEMM) organized a hearing on “Sexual harassment in the EU institutions: follow-up of the EP resolution” on 9 November 2020 from 14.30-15.45 remotely.

Sexual harassment is a form of violence against women and girls and is the most extreme yet persistent form of gender-based discrimination. The hearing discussed the European Parliament's follow-up of its resolution on 'Combating sexual harassment and abuse in the EU', adopted on 26 October 2017. It aimed to identify any shortcomings and address recommendations for a workplace free of sexual harassment.

Main speakers:

  • MEP Dimitrios Papadimoulis, Chair of the EP High-level Group on Gender Equality and Diversity
  • MEP Anne Sander, Questor, Acting Chair of the EP Advisory Committee dealing with Harassment Complaints concerning Members of the European Parliament
  • Miriam-Lena Horn, Accredited assistant, staff representative of the MeTooEP movement
  • Ellen Robson, President of the EP consultative committee on harassment and its prevention at the workplace