Action plan on synergies between civil, defence and space industries

13-04-2021 - 16:54
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On 13 April, the ITRE Committee had a presentation by the Commission on the action plan on synergies between civil, defence and space industries, which aims to further enhance and shape these interfaces to the maximum extent.

During the ITRE committee meeting, the Commission presented the action plan that is built upon three overall objectives: enhancing complementarity between relevant EU programmes (synergies), promoting EU funding for research and development on defence and space for the economy at large (spin-offs) as well as facilitating the use of civil industry research achievements and civil-driven innovation in European defence cooperation projects (spin-ins). To this end, the Commission proposes 11 concrete actions such as a capability-driven approach in the security sector, support of SMEs and start-ups as well as monitoring critical technologies in order to reduce dependencies. The Commission also announces the launch of three flagship projects of particular interest for the ITRE committee and that are considered to be possible game-changers: 'EU drone technologies', 'EU space-based global secure communications system' and 'Space Traffic Management'.