Press releases

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On Thursday, Parliament’s Conference of Presidents announced the names of the 108 MEPs that will take part in the plenary meetings of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The Executive Board today approved the calendar of Plenary meetings and European Citizens' Panels, with the series of events starting next month.

The draft rules put forward by the Constitutional Affairs Committee will enable the full development of the role of the Ombudsman in the constitutional architecture of the Union.

On Tuesday, the Constitutional Affairs Committee will host presentations and an exchange of views in relation to the upcoming report on political party and campaign financing.

Parliament, Council and Commission aim to make registration de facto mandatory, as a precondition for certain activities and through equivalent complementary measures.

After the successful launch of the multilingual digital platform, the Executive Board continues to fine-tune arrangements prior to the inaugural hybrid event on 9 May.

The Conference’s central hub, unveiled today by the Co-Chairs of the Executive Board, will allow citizens to help shape the Union’s future.

The Constitutional Affairs Committee has endorsed last December’s political agreement between Parliament, Council and Commission for a common mandatory Transparency Register.

Today and tomorrow, MEPs will focus on participatory and electoral aspects of EU democracy, and discuss Parliament’s role in the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe with VP Šuica.

On Thursday, Parliament’s Conference of Presidents endorsed the members and observers nominated by the political groups to be on the Conference’s executive board.