Draft negotiating frameworks pave way to accession talks with Albania&North Macedonia

After the European Commission put forward its draft negotiating frameworks for enlargement talks with the two countries, European Parliament's standing rapporteurs for Albania Isabel Santos (S&D, PT) and North Macedonia Ilhan Kyuchyuk (Renew, BG) made the following statement:

We welcome another crucial step in the enlargement process - the presentation of the draft negotiating frameworks, which, once finalised, will guide the accession talks with for Albania and North Macedonia.

We call upon the Member States to adopt the texts of the frameworks without a delay, permitting to convene the first Inter-governmental conferences with each country by the end of this year.

It is essential that the frameworks operationalise the revamped enlargement methodology, enhancing credibility, predictability and political oversight, while ensuring that the talks advance depending on the countries' own merits. The Copenhagen criteria and commitment to good neighbourly relations remain at the very centre of the enlargement process.

While the imminent opening of accession talks is a clear recognition of major strides in delivering reforms in the two countries, it is not a guarantee of the membership. The negotiation processes will require further unequivocal commitments to effectively implement the EU acquis and to deliver on citizens' aspirations.

We hope that the governments of Albania and North Macedonia will forge broad national consensuses for the adoption of all necessary roadmaps and measures. We call upon the Commission to continue ensuring the necessary support and guidance to both countries in this regard.


The negotiating framework establishes the guidelines and principles for the accession talks with individual candidate countries. Following a draft proposal from the European Commission, the EU Member States adopt it and the Council Presidency presents it at the start of the accession negotiations. The European Council decided to open accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia on 26 March 2020, following the Commission's proposals on a revised enlargement methodology.