AIDA vote in committee

19-03-2022 - 22:26
Vote © Image used under the license from Adobe Stock

On 22 March (9:00-9:30 and 13:45-15:15) the AIDA Special Committee will vote on its report on artificial intelligence in a digital age (2020/2266(INI). Within the deadline in December last year, 1384 amendments were tabled, and the rapporteur and shadow rapporteurs held a large number of technical and shadows meetings to work on compromises.

Throughout the process, via numerous hearings and workshops organised during the committee mandate of 18 months, the members and staff gathered expertise and insights on various aspects of AI. This work fed into the committee's final report, which aims to establish an AI Roadmap up to 2030. AIDA rapporteur: Axel Voss (EPP/PPE, Germany).
At this meeting the AIDA Chair and Members of the AIDA committee will also conclude the work of the committee.