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AIDA and AGRI MEPs discussed the future of agriculture in the digital age on Monday, and how AI could contribute to a more efficient and sustainable agri-food chain.

IMCO and AIDA MEPs highlighted in the debate with Executive Vice-President Vestager that the EU rulebook on artificial intelligence has to guarantee transparency, safety and human oversight.

The public hearing on Tuesday focused on how the labour market can adapt to digitalisation, the emergence of new jobs, and changes at the workplace brought by AI.

The public hearing, with two panels of experts, focused on the future of democracy in the digital age and how to strike the right regulatory balances in increasingly tech-driven societies.

The Special Committee on AI discussed ways to enable EU businesses to make the best of AI solutions with a panel of experts on Tuesday.

The Special Committee on AI will discuss current and future regulatory frameworks geared towards enhancing EU enterprise competitiveness in AI and bolstering market entry.

The Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AIDA) discussed ways for Europe to build an international AI governance based on values, within a strong transatlantic partnership.

The impact AI can have on decarbonisation and better use of resources was discussed in the special committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA) on Wednesday.

The challenges of AI governance and the opportunities of AI applications in healthcare were discussed in the special committee on Artificial Intelligence in a digital age (AIDA) on Wednesday

The special committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age held a debate with the Council Presidency based on the input from a study commissioned by the Bundestag.