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Portrait of Ms Ingeborg Gräßle, CONT Chair Portrait of Ms Ingeborg Gräßle, CONT Chair
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Welcome to budgetary control at the European Parliament! I am the Chair of the Committee on Budgetary Control and one of the 30 MEPs from 17 EU Member States making up the committee in this parliamentary term. Parliamentʼs committees meet once or twice a month as a rule.

We check how money from the EU budget (approximately EUR 130 billion per year) has been spent. The greater part of the budget is managed by the European Commission which spends 80 % in the Member States and around 13 % elsewhere in the world. Administrative costs account for the remaining 7 %. We examine whether or not funds have been used correctly and policy goals achieved. Or to put it another way - are the public in the EU really getting added value for their money?

The Committee on Budgetary Control also reports on the European Anti-Fraud Office and the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg. We are, furthermore, involved in cross-cutting aspects of EU legislation.

We value the support we receive from the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg and its reports provide an important basis for our work.

Financial management is like a litmus test -- if it does not work properly, neither do lots of other important things.

You can find further information on our website. Interested? Then get in touch!

Inge Gräßle