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Following the recently adopted report on civil law rules in robotics, the Committee on Legal Affairs has decided to launch a public consultation on the topic in cooperation with the EPRS. The consultation aims to encourage citizens and stakeholders alike to have a say on the future political thinking and legislation in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Coordinator: Jean-Marie CAVADA The Committee on Legal Affairs decided at its meeting on 25 September 2014 to set up a Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright Reform made up of members of the Committee, with participation of a member from the Committee on Culture and Education, the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, and the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection.

The Working Group on legal questions related to the development of Robotics is set up by the European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs to reflect on legal issues and especially to pave the way for the drafting of civil law rules in connection with robotics and artificial intelligence. Its mission is to stimulate the reflection of Members on these issues by facilitating specific information, providing exchange of views with experts from many fields of academic expertise and