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President of the temporary of the Committee on the Union's authorisation procedure for pesticides with the EU flag in background
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Welcome to the PEST Committee website.

Following the controversial glyphosate renewal and the growing concerns of many EU citizens in the wake of the Monsanto Papers, the European Parliament decided, in February 2018, to set up the Special Committee on the Union's authorisation procedure for pesticides (PEST).

With 30 members drawn from across all Parliament's political groups, the Committee has 9 months to assess the EU's pesticide authorisation procedure, its independence vis-à-vis the pesticide industry, the transparency of the decision-making process and the implementation methods, and to put forward specific proposals to improve procedures.

We will also examine the roles of the all the bodies involved: the relevant national authorities, the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), whose methods will also be evaluated.

In order to achieve its aim, the Committee will question experts and stakeholders and will organise a number of fact-finding missions necessary for the completion of its mission.

In December 2018 the Committee will present its report, together with any recommendations that it considers necessary with regard to the EU's authorisation procedure for pesticides in order to achieve a high level of protection of both human and animal health and the environment.

You can follow our work on this website. Most of our meetings will be live-streamed, and some contributions from experts on whom we rely to take informed decisions will also be available, as will our information bulletin.

We strive always to defend the interests and values of citizens. Legislators work for all Europeans. Please feel free to contact us.

Eric Andrieu
Chair of the PEST Committee