Artificial Intelligence Act

Negotiating team at the AI trilogue of 6 to 8 December 2023
Artificial Intelligence - Last Trilogue of 6-8 December 2023 © European Union (2023)

On 13 February 2024, IMCO and LIBE Members voted in favour of the provisional agreement reached with the Council on the Artificial Intelligence Act. The co-Rapporteurs are Mr Brando Benifei (S&D, IMCO) and Mr Dragoş Tudorache (Renew, LIBE). The text also needs to be formally adopted in plenary and by the Council.

The regulation aims to ensure that fundamental rights, democracy, the rule of law and environmental sustainability are protected from high risk AI, while boosting innovation and making Europe a leader in the field. The rules establish obligations for AI based on its potential risks and level of impact.

Following the deal, Mr Benifei said: "It was long and intense, but the effort was worth it. Thanks to the European Parliament's resilience, the world's first horizontal legislation on artificial intelligence will keep the European promise - ensuring that rights and freedoms are at the centre of the development of this ground-breaking technology. Correct implementation will be key - the Parliament will continue to keep a close eye, to ensure support for new business ideas with sandboxes, and effective rules for the most powerful models".