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Welcome to the website of the Committee on Development (DEVE), which I have the honour of chairing since July 2019.

As a champion of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the global goals agreed by all UN member states in 2015, our committee is a place to discuss and take decisions on some of the most pressing issues facing humanity:

While development efforts have contributed to better lives for millions - extreme poverty and child mortality have been declining - there are also trends of great concern: hunger is once again on the rise, biodiversity loss is alarming and climate change accelerating, while multilateral cooperation is threatened. Conflicts and human rights abuses have displaced a growing number of people and developing countries are most strongly impacted. Supporting them with humanitarian aid while addressing the root causes and contributing to long-term development are human imperatives and in our own interest too.

In 2019, EU citizens gave our Parliament a strong mandate and they continuously express strong support for the EU in tackling the challenges related to global development through European cooperation.

The EU's contribution to global sustainable development is vital and our Parliament plays a key role in deciding the budget for EU aid spending, keeping a close watch on the European Commission and all those involved in using EU funds and shaping EU policies that affect developing countries. We participate in making the laws that frame EU development aid.

I invite you to check the news and announcements on this website regularly, to consult meeting documents and watch our committee meetings live as they happen.

Tomas Tobé
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