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European Parliament insists that the future institutional framework must still include an ACP-EU joint parliamentary dimension.

The European Parliament will inaugurate the ”Sakharov Walk of Freedom” on the Solidarność Esplanade in Brussels on Tuesday 10 December at 14.30.

MEPs and African, Caribbean and Pacific MPs agreed on climate change, migration, sustainable growth and the post-Cotonou agreement.

Climate change and food security, migration, sustainable growth and the post-Cotonou ACP-EU agreement are set to be the focus of the 38th session of the assembly.

Parliament will hold an award ceremony on 26 November for last year’s Sakharov Prize laureate Oleg Sentsov, recently released from a Russian prison.

MEPs will assess on Wednesday the situation of Syrian refugees in Turkey and the results of the budgetary support provided by the EU to the Turkish government.

The Restorers, Marielle Franco, Claudelice Silva dos Santos, Chief Raoni and Ilham Tohti were shortlisted for the 2019 Sakharov Prize on Tuesday.

The Development Committee questioned the Slovene Commission candidate for the crisis management portfolio.

The Development Committee questioned the candidate for the international partnerships portfolio on future development cooperation and respect of EU values.

A European Parliament delegation will participate in the UN summits on development and climate action in New York, U.S., 21-26 September.