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The Committee on Development has adopted on 9 November its own-initiative report on the new orientations for the EU's humanitarian action, aimed to be the European Parliament response to the European Commission Communication on "The EU's humanitarian action: new challenges, same principles".

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In October 2021, Members of the European Parliament adopted in plenary the AFET/DEVE/BUDG joint implementation report that seeks to make a political evaluation of the EU Trust Funds (EUTFs) established since 2014 and extended until December 2021, as well as the Facility for Refugees in Turkey (FRT).

Landmark deal on new EU NDICI

On 18 March, the Committees on Foreign Affairs and on Development approved the provisional agreement resulting from interinstitutional negotiations establishing the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument - Global Europe. The text was adopted by 76 votes in favour, 13 against and 4 abstentions.

As Europe embarks on its biggest mass vaccination campaign ever, Parliament emphasises the need for solidarity and unity. MEPs are calling on the European Commission to dispel uncertainty with more open information on Covid-19 vaccines.

The Committee on Development organised a series of debates and actions on access to COVID-19 vaccines for developing countries, a precondition to fight the virus worldwide. MEPs demand a fair distribution of these vaccines and the scaling-up of production capacity in developing countries.

Illustration of an European Union long shadow flag with a map of the African continent.

On 27 January, Members of the Development Committee adopted a wide-ranging strategy on a new EU-Africa partnership by 20 votes, with two votes against and three abstentions (rapporteur: Chrysoula Zacharopoulou (Renew, FR)). The report was debated and adopted in Plenary on 25 March 2021 with 460 votes in favour, 64 against and 163 abstentions.

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On 29 October, the Committee on Development adopted an own-initiative report on “improving development effectiveness and efficiency of aid” presented by the Committee Chair, Tomas Tobé (EPP, Sweden). The vote was 23 in favour, 1 against and 0 abstentions.