20-09-2023 10:30
Developing countries' energy needs and priorities

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Solar panels and wind power generation equipment
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On 20 September, a workshop on "Developing countries’ energy needs and priorities under a sustainable development perspective - The specific case of Africa and green hydrogen" took place from 10.30-12.00. The event was chaired by Tomas Tobé, Chair of the Committee on Development.

Africa is the continent most affected by energy poverty, with more than 40% of its population lacking access to electricity. This is in spite of an extremely high potential for renewable energy generation and an increasing number of fossil fuel developments on the continent. Through its development cooperation programmes, the EU has committed significant funds to reduce energy poverty in its partner countries in Africa. These programmes aim to help achieve the SDG 7 (ensure universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy by 2030).

The workshop investigated the major challenges to universal access to energy in Africa and the efficacy of the EU programmes trying to overcome them. It also examined how these efforts may interact with the external aspects of the EU's Green Hydrogen strategy. The workshop analysed the strategy from the perspective of the Policy Coherence for Development.