Digital Markets Act (DMA)

24-03-2022 - 16:59
Human Rights
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The third trilogue on the DMA took place on 1 March 2022. The IMCO DMA rapporteur, Mr Andreas Schwab (EPP) said: "The last DMA trilogue brought the necessary progress that matches the Parliament's ambition to deliver a future-proof and enforceable DMA. The Parliament has been very reasonable and modest in its demands from the start of negotiations, especially on interoperability and consent for targeted advertisement.

As rapporteur, I made it clear to the Council that any final compromise will have to address those issues. The Parliament will be constructive in exploring potential areas of compromise until March 24. I am confident we can get there from a technical point of view. Now Council must move this file politically."

The trilogue brought provisional agreement on a number of important elements for the Parliament, including obligations to inform about concentrations, compliance, accountability and reporting, whistle blowers and collective redress. Views were also exchanged on the core political issues of scope, future-proofing, enforcement, governance and gatekeeper obligations.

A fourth and possible last trilogue is scheduled on 24 March 2022 at the Parliament's premises.

Feedback from the Rapporteur, Mr Andreas Schwab, (EPP, DE) on the first (IMCO meeting), second (IMCO meeting) and third trilogue (IMCO meeting).