Monetary dialogue

Monetary Dialogue - 23 September 2019


    Transcript of the monetary dialogue with ECB President
    Executive summary of the papers
    Questions by the experts

Topic 1 - Monetary policy achievements / innovations under Mr. Draghi’s Presidency and challenges ahead for the monetary policy architecture of EMU

      Draghi’s Term as ECB President and the Challenges Ahead - Karl WHELAN (University College Dublin)
      Challenges Ahead for the European Central Bank: Navigating in the Dark? - Grégory CLAEYS, Maria DEMERTZIS, Francesco PAPADIA (BRUEGEL)
      Monetary Policy in the Euro Area after Eight Years of Presidency of Mario Draghi: Where Do We Stand? - Salomon FIEDLER and Klaus-Jürgen GERN (Kiel Institute for the World Economy)
      Challenges Ahead for EMU Monetary Policy - Christophe BLOT, Jérôme CREEL & Paul HUBERT (OFCE)
      The ECB’s Unfinished Business: Challenges Ahead for EMU Monetary and Fiscal Policy Architecture - Corrado MACCHIARELLI, Eddie GERBA (LSE) and Sebastian DIESSNER (EUI)

Topic 2 - Global/structural factors underlying persistently subdued inflation dynamics in the euro area and worldwide: Time to update inflation targets and monetary policy cooperation?

      Global Trends in Inflation: Are Central Banks Barking up the Wrong Tree? - Daniel GROS (CEPS)
      Fighting the Previous War: Does the World Economy Face a Deflationary Threat - Marek DABROWSKI (CASE)
      Yes, We Are Probably All Japanese Now - Jacob Funk KIRKEGAARD(PIIE)
      Subdued Inflation, Targets and Monetary Policy Cooperation - Andrew HUGHES HALLETT (Copenhagen Business School)

Monetary Dialogue - 28 January 2019


    Transcript of the Monetary Dialogue with ECB President
    Executive summary of the papers
    Questions by the experts

Topic – The Euro at 20: A critical assessment

      Happy birthday? The euro at 20 - Kerstin BERNOTH, Franziska BREMUS, Geraldine, DANY-KNEDLIK, Henrik ENDERLEIN, Marcel FRATZSCHER, Lucas GUTTENBERG, Alexander KRIWOLUZKY, Rosa LASTRA (DIW Berlin, JDI Berlin, QMU London, Hertie School of Governance)
      Euro at 20: The Monetary Union from a Bird’s-eye View (Klaus-Jürgen GERN, Stefan KOOTHS, Ulrich STOLZENBURG (Kiel Institute for the World Economy)
      Twenty years of the euro: Resilience in the face of unexpected challenges - Daniel GROS, Cinzia ALCIDI (CEPS - Centre for European Policy Studies)
      The Euro at 20: Successes, Problems, Progress and Threats - Karl WHELAN (University College Dublin)
      The Economic and Monetary Union: Its Past, Present and Future - Marek DABROWSKI (CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research)
      The euro at 20: A concise critical assessment - Christophe BLOT, Jérôme CREEL, Xavier RAGOT (OFCE - Observatoire Français Conjonctures Économiques)
      EURO project, 20 years on: A critical assessment and the road ahead - Eddie GERBA (LSE - London School of Economics)
      The Euro@20: A critical assessment - Andrew HUGHES HALLETT (Copenhagen Business School)