EMPL meeting on 4 March 2021

31-03-2021 - 08:58
EMPL Committee Chair EMPL Committee Chair
Lucia ĎURIŠ NICHOLSONOVÁ © European Union 2020 - Source : EP

During the EMPL meeting on 4 March, the Committee voted on the provisional agreement resulting from interinstitutional negotiations on the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+). The draft INI report "Fair working conditions, rights and social protection for platform workers - New forms of employment linked to digital development" was considered, and ILO gave a presentation on the role of digital labour platforms in transforming the world of work.

Moreover, there was an exchange of views with Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, on the action plan on the European Pillar of Social Rights as well as an exchange of views with stakeholders on adequate minimum wages in the EU.