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ENVI Chair Pascal Canfin
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Welcome to the ENVI Committee website.

With 88 Members, ENVI is today the largest committee in the European Parliament. This is a strong symbol and a clear signal underlining the need for the EU to move forward faster and with more ambition to fight against climate change.

During this mandate, we will work towards generating the legislative framework to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050. We will push for an ambitious Green deal to be proposed to all European citizens to achieve the much-needed transition to a greener economy. We will make sure this transition is fair and just and to the benefit of all citizens.

We will also continue to work on other policy priorities: biodiversity, the circular economy, public health, food safety, air and water quality, the use of chemicals and pesticides - just to name a few. We will also closely scrutinise the implementation of policies we have agreed to.

On this page you will find a great deal of information about our Committee. I am committed to the highest level of transparency so as to increase citizens' understanding and participation in our work.

Pascal Canfin
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